Hoy, 8de marzo, en el Día Internacional de la Mujer, acerca de 500 indígena, latin and foreign women have gathered in the city of Puyo, to protest against the violation of their rights.

During the march across the most important streets of the city, they claimed justice and respect, including as a main topic the actual licitation of oil concessions in the territories of the nationalities sapara, shiwiar, and the kichwan people of Sarayaku.

With the presence of all seven nationalities of the ecuadorian amazon, the indigenous women showed an enormous strenght, expressing their opinions and emotions not only in speeches and on signs, but also in songs and with tears.


It was the first time for the women to organize that kind of event, which left behind a strong image of unity among the different nationalities.

And their message is not to be misunderstood:

¨We are the ones who work our land, who feed our children, and as those we have always been the guardians of the forest. We amazon women have dignity, we are capable and we are not going to permit the destruction of our home.¨

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