Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku


We are a native Kichwa people, made up of seven community centers (Kalikali, Sarayakillu, Chuntayaku, Mawkallakta, Shiwakucha, Kushilu Urku and Puma), we have a territorial extension of approximately 135 thousand hectares located, in the Amazon region, province of pastaza.


In this part of the country, there is no highway. To get to sarayaku You must go by river or air. The population (1400 inhabitants) lives in a traditional way, from fishing, hunting, agriculture and gathering.

There is a long history from the arrival of the "Tayakkuna", founders and ancestors to the current Sarayaku people, known as the great defender of collective rights and of the Pachamama against colonizing systems, invasions and external aggressions. We have a great track record and an important role in the organization of the native peoples and nationalities of the country. We are legally recognized by the State as the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku or
TAYJASARUTA, represented by our Governing Council, with the Congress and the Assembly being the highest authority.

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