Sarayaku, the Noon Town

The Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku are located in the Amazon of Ecuador (Pastaza province), in the middle course of the Bobonaza River basin. It is made up of 7 community centers in a territory of approximately 135 thousand hectares. 95 % of the Sarayaku territory is primary forest, with high biodiversity.

According to the Sarayaku worldview, the ecosystem of their territory is made up of three essential ecological units: Sacha (Jungle), Yaku (rivers) and Allpa (land), which they sustain an infinity of faunal and floristic species transcendent for their existence.

For this reason Sarayaku has the vision and mission of “preserve and use in a sustainable and sustainable way the natural resources of its territory, to strengthen the Sumak Kawsay (life in harmony) and ensure the continuity of the Kawsak Sacha (Living Jungle)”

The Living Forest, a legacy from the heart of the Amazon for humanity

The Kawsak Sacha Proposal seeks to achieve the recognition of Living Forest through the promulgation of a law that catalogs a new category of preservation of the territorial spaces of the original peoples. This pronouncement will recognize the spiritual dimension of the "Sacred" territory, cultural heritage and biodiversity in Ecuador, declaring the territory of Sarayaku as a Free Zone and exclusion of the oil, mining and forestry industries.

The elders say that the people of Sarayaku descend from the pumas and the trees



Bayle Tipico de Sarayaku-kajawan tushuy




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Sarayaku Kikin Kawsay
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