The Government Council of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku welcomed and met with the delegation of the environmental organization Climate Alliance, made up of various representatives of different Municipalities of Luxembourg. With these Sarayaku authorities he exchanged his life plan, vision, mission, objectives, programmore, projects and Governance as self-determination of the Original Peoples.

Likewise, I present the proposal for Kawsak Sacha (Living Jungle), an innovative Sarayaku initiative for territorial and environmental protection, as a new legal category of protected area that recognizes nature, human beings, as well as all beings of the Jungle, a heritage cultural and biodiversity, sacred territory, free of oil, mining and logging exploitation with full participation of indigenous peoples in its creation and administration, to be presented at the national and international level to be applied in all countries where there is Forest and Peoples Originals.

On the other hand, the Luxembourg authorities exchange knowledge and experiences lived in the city and their work to reduce pollution and their interest in protecting natural resources and the environment as a result of climate change.

Both organizations consider environmental protection essential to ensure the existence of humanity and the planet.

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