Sarayaku as of December 20, 2016.


The situation of the state of emergency declared by the Ecuadorian Government, in the province of Morona Santiago on December 15, 2016, whose decision has generated a serious conflict in the territory of the Shuar brothers, violating all constitutional regulations and human rights principles . Faced with this threat, the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of Ecuador - CONAIE, puts on alert all the territories of the Original Peoples of Ecuador, which are threatened by mining and oil concessions in indigenous territories.

This decision threatens the existence, peace and freedom of indigenous peoples; leading the looting and destruction of our territories by large extractive companies that have taken possession of the ancestral territories of the indigenous peoples and nationalities in the Amazon region.

In these delicate and threatening circumstances, an Ecuadorian army patrol, made up of 11 troops, arrived from the Jungle Battalion 49, located in the Montalvo Parish, in the town of Sarayaku. The presence of heavily uniformed military personnel interrupted the tranquility and peace of the people, so they were called to a dialogue to learn about their activities that were taking place in the Sarayaku Town area; Army personnel are currently under protection with all guarantees in the town of Sarayaku.

Likewise, radically and emphatically rejecting the accusations made by the National government of qualifying the kidnapping of army personnel in Sarayaku, given these assertions by the governments, we clarify that we have acted legally and under internal statutory regulations to exercise control within our territorial jurisdiction that guarantees the same constitution and international conventions.

In the same way, we clarify to the national and international public opinion that the People of Sarayaku are an Original people with their territory that is part of the state of Ecuador and not an independent republic as Mr. Rafael Correa accuses us in a malicious and slanderous manner. Faced with this serious situation, the people of Sarayaku propose the following:

  • The only civilized and humane way to find a way out of the emergency conflict between the Amazon and indigenous peoples is dialogue, which is why we demand that the National Government and human rights organizations effectively promote this process with the organizations CONAIE, CONFENIAE and nationalities in particular with the Shuar People.
  • The immediate withdrawal of the Ecuadorian army from the territories of the indigenous peoples and nationalities in the Amazon region, in particular the Shuar people of Nankints, Panantza, San Carlos and Quimsa Cocha to prevent the loss of human life among Ecuadorian citizens.
  • We immediately request the withdrawal of all mining and oil projects from our territories, in particular the mining company EXSA from the Shuar territory.
  • We request the formation of a high-level commission between the armed forces, the Ministry of the Interior, Conaie, Confeniae, human rights organizations and the Catholic Church to mediate the conflict that has arisen in the territories of indigenous peoples as a result of the state of exception by the Government of Rafael Correa to avoid serious conflicts and commotions in the society of our country.
  • We alert and denounce that any manipulation and accusation by the government and the public force denigrating the good image of Sarayaku that threatens and risks the life and integrity of the inhabitants of leaders will be the responsibility of the National Government.
  • Any intervention by the armed forces and public forces in Sarayaku territory without coordination with the Government Council of Tayjasaruta will be an attack on peace, it will be a crime and will be denounced.






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