Declaration of the Fourth Meeting of Achuar, Shuar and Kichwa Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon Region in Resistance for the Defense of Life

In the Copataza Association, with the presence of the Achuar, NAE, Shuar, NASHE, FICSH Nationalities; TARIMIAT KUMAY, Kichwa, Native People of Sarayaku, united in defense of Pacha Mama and in rejection of the plan for a new round of oil bidding in the territories of the Nationalities in the center and south of the Ecuadorian Amazon. They declare the following:

1. The Achuar, Shuar and Kichwa nationalities of the Pastaza and Morona Santiago provinces declare a state of emergency in their territories, due to the unwelcome invasion of the tenth oil, mining, environmental services and prospecting round, which seriously threatens their space. of life and their rights recognized and enshrined in the political constitution of the State, international conventions and treaties that support and protect the rights of indigenous nationalities.

2. We commit ourselves to lead a peaceful and sovereign struggle to the last consequences and we are determined to face even with our lives to defend our mother earth that is our only space of life.

3. We make a call to all our brothers of other nationalities and peoples that this is the time to demonstrate our true unity in defense of our territories, thus building the true Sumak Kawsay-Penker Pujustin.

4. We ask other brother peoples and nationalities from other continents and the international community to witness all the violations of our rights that the government of Rafael Corea has implemented to defend the interests of transnational extractive companies.

5. We reject all illegal persons who pass themselves off as professionals and legal representatives of our peoples and nationalities, offering professional services of community relations, who will be severely sanctioned and punished with the ancestral law of each nationality.

Copataza Association on August 13, 2011



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