Many years ago there were human beings who were strong men and hunters, who supported their loved ones with hunting and fishing, one day the kingfisher went fishing in the river, he never lacked fish in his house and once when he was on Returning home with his varieties of fish that he caught, he suddenly met the opossum who asked the kingfisher: how do you do brother to catch so many fish? and he responded by saying, brother, it's a long process that I go through to catch these fish, that only I can do that. The opossum insisted that I tell her about this process and 

I explain to him to do this fishing I climb a very high tree and from there I watch the fish that are passing by and once when it is passing I dive headfirst and catch these fish brother if you want to catch you must do the same as me he told him, and the possum thanked the fisherman and one day the possum went fishing to apply what the fisherman told him he climbed a very tall tree and sat on the branches of the tree he waited for a while suddenly he goes to the fish passing under him in the river and he jumped into the river, as the river was very dry he hit his head and fainted and almost died and did not move forward to catch the fish.

After a while and saw the wasp that always passed by carrying its prey, to see a lot that happened carrying its prey, the opossum approaches the wasp and asks the same as the kingfisher and the wasp told him brother I always go where people are gutting and splitting their prey and in an oversight I take a leg and take it home that's what I do brother and the possum thanked the wasp, the possum went one night to steal people's chickens and take one of the hens that were sleeping and when the hen began to scream immediately the owners woke up and managed to rescue the hen and they took the opossum they beat him so much that they almost killed him and he passed out later he wakes up just the same he continued living

The same time passed and one day he saw the hen sleeping without a head and he went over to ask where the hen was: brother the other time I saw you sleeping without heads how did you sleep like that and he replied: that's easy me before sleeping I always cut off my head and put it to one side and I sleep very peacefully that hardly anyone bothers me there and the opossum thanked him for the information and the next day the opossum applied what the chicken told him he cut off his head to sleep just like he said and slept forever


ignore what other people say.

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