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In the territory of the Original Kíchwa People of Sarayaku, today, March 31, 2021, at 10:10 a.m., the Ombudsman Public Hearing is set up in the Territory by the Pastaza Ombudsman. Representatives of public institutions attend: Ing. Alex Dahua MAG, Dr. Galo Guerrero – IESS delegate, Mr. Guido Gualinga – Political Lieutenant representing the Pastaza Governorate, Mr. Leonardo Cisneros, president of the GADR Sarayaku. Not participating in this hearing: Dr. Narcisa Lozada Flor – District Director of Health 16D01; Mr. Freddy Zambrano Guerrero – District Director of Education 16D01; Zonal Directorate 3 Risk and Emergency Management; Ing. Oswaldo Zúñiga Mayor of the Pastaza Canton; MIDUVI, Puyo MIES District Directorate; Mr. Paolo Espín – Pastaza IESS Provincial Directorate; Ing. Julia Landázuri – Technical Secretary of the CTEA Amazon Special Territorial District.

The indigenous Kíchwa people of Sarayaku presents the lawsuit for lack of attention and response from state, cantonal, provincial and national government institutions during the flooding of the Bobonaza River and the Covid-19 pandemic, which occurred in March 2020.

One year after the impact of the Bobonaza River flooding, which devastated homes, farms, fish farms, poultry farming, motors, children, canoes, traditional instruments, ceramics that make up Sarayaku's own heritage, public goods such as educational infrastructure, Subcenter Health (MSP), bridges and ecological trails, hitting the economy, food sovereignty of the people; and at the same time, the National Government declared a State of Emergency due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, seriously affecting the way of life of Kichwa families. Despite the fact that the Cantonal and Provincial COE was formed in order to give priority attention in cases of emergencies and disasters, the Original Kíchwa People of Sarayaku have not received any attention from the government and the competent institutions.

The abandonment, discrimination, exclusion of indigenous peoples respond to a violent structural system imposed by the State, in contradiction to the Constitution and international instruments in relation to human rights and indigenous peoples.

The community autonomy and solidarity of friends of the Kíchwa Native People of Sarayaku, has allowed the families to survive and restore the good life. Sarayaku, will exercise their civil, political rights, until the demands are met.

Tayjasaruta-Sarayaku Governing Council


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