The concern for the environment has been especially intense in recent decades, generating a series of documents, conferences and agreements of different local, regional and international scope, but the results of the care, protection and remediation of the overwhelming problems that nature is experiencing. It has been very little, due to the growing extreme decline in environmental, social, cultural and legal inequality.

Seeing the worrying reality that social groups are experiencing, especially the native peoples and nations, who are the most excluded and disadvantaged and who have the least real chance of escaping from situations of ecological degradation that currently lurk and threaten, the People of Sarayaku, as one of the peoples that is characterized by its ability to fight and undertaking avant-garde proposals, has generated a conservation proposal, for its recognition and the vindication of the right to nature and territoriality, which is the Kawsak Sacha - Living Forest, the recognition includes of the following appraisals:

mapa a futuro

• In adopting, legally recognizing the territories of the Nationalities of the Central South Amazon KAWSAK SACHA – LIVING JUNGLE Sacred Territory, Heritage of Biological Diversity, Culture of the Nationalities in Ecuador.

• A reappropriation, by the Nationalities of the Amazon, of their true identity, historically characterized by awareness and defense of the living forest, the basis of their socio-cultural, economic and political organization.

• An act of historical reparation for the collective territories not yet affected by industrial projects; that must be considered as areas free of oil, mining, forestry and bio-prospecting exploitation. It is in this perspective that the Jatun Kawsak Sisa Ñampi, Path of Flowers or Border of Life project was initiated. The Sisa Ñampi constitutes a perimeter of ornamental trees, delimiting geographically; and symbolically a sacred space, in order to manifest the strength and depth of the link between the Amazonian peoples and the jungle.

• The officialization of a new system of values and a new conception of wealth, in accordance with the principle of Sumak Kawsay, life in harmony. This principle will have to be supported by the active implementation of its own model of development and optimization of the quality of life, oriented towards the solidarity economy and the sustainable management of the resources of the territory, which allows the support and clear expression of the cultural, scientific, technological and artistic potentialities of the indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon.


In the international arena, the Kawsak Sacha – Living Forest proposal was launched for the first time at the COP -21 in Paris to the States, multilateral organizations and cooperation organizations, the Sarayaku people's monitoring team also presenting and following up at the COP -23 in Bonn, Germany, leaving as a precedent that the original peoples have the absolute will to conserve, protect and work seriously to establish serious measures to the problem of global warming that our planet is experiencing

From what we consider, the native peoples and nations manage the 75% of well-preserved natural resources are in their territories worldwide, at the national level the largest conserved 70%, is also in the territories of the native peoples and nations, this demonstrates the absolute responsibility that the native nations and people contribute to the world in terms of conservation

The current governing council of Sarayaku, presided over by comrade Mirian Cisneros, and its leaders, support team, technicians, men and women leaders, are carrying out the great responsibility of raising awareness in the world, the Kawsak Sacha-La Selva Viviente proposal, in different scenarios and institutions at the national and international level, in the same way it is being prepared to launch the proposal at the national and international level this year in June, which for Sarayaku and for the original peoples and nations of the world will mark a historical milestone of great relevance in terms of conservation proposed from the original peoples, towards the international community.




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