The Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku assume their responsibility to contribute to real solutions to strengthen the defense of the territories originating


intrinsic connection

with Kawsak Sacha

(Living Jungle)

Meeting of Knowledge of the Original Peoples for Kawsak Sacha

for the purpose of establishing theSarayaku Agreement¨ at a global level for the preservation and protection of the territories of life, within the framework of the rights of nature and the self-determination of indigenous peoples.

SARAYAKU. JULY 25-27/2022

Kawsak Sacha  

Sarayaku launch to the world a vision of responsibility towards the protection and care of nature. 

The Kawsak Sacha declaration aims to sustainably preserve and conserve territorial spaces, the material and spiritual relationship established there by native peoples with the living forest and the beings that inhabit it. 

A proposal of life to be able to maintain the natural balance of the universe between man and Pachamama, thus being able to safeguard our ways of life without affecting lives, cultures, worldviews. 

Our territories will continue to be free from any type of extractive activities. Therefore, we propose a global agreement in defense of the original peoples and their spaces.  

Also in Kawsari

During Kawsari, two documentaries will be released; the feature film made by SELVAS PRODUCCIONES called HELENA BY SARAYAKU and the short film made by the Sarayaku Youth Group entitled KASNA MI KAWSANI.

Helena de Sarayaku

In addition, we will carry out the official launch of the Autonomous Law on the exercise of the right to Prior, Free and Informed Consent of the Original People Kichwa by Sarayaku, which will be part of its own regulations that will strengthen the self-determination of the people. 

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