The women of the Kichwa, Waorani, Sapara and Shiwiar nationalities from the central south of the Amazon mobilized for 13 days to respect their rights and defend their territories, threatened by the Suroriente Round (XI Oil Round) promoted by the national government.

This vindictive action of Amazonian women has had an echo in Ecuadorian society, receiving the solidary support of different social organizations, as well as various local, national and international organizations. Similarly, the State and public opinion have remained attentive to the initiatives undertaken autonomously by women, with the political support of their representative organizations (GONOAE and CONAIE). Therefore, we can affirm that this historic day of struggle has not gone unnoticed; On the contrary, it has set a precedent in terms of the organizational force generated from the Amazonian bases.

The women leave stronger, thanks to the different activities such as marches, sit-ins, press conferences, forums, talks, visits to the media, among others, which have represented an educational and training process for our female colleagues, which underpins the women's organization and contributes to directly to the strengthening of our regional and national organizations. Relevantly, the presentation of the proposal called "Kawsak Sacha - Living Forest" stands out, which consists of preserving the Amazon forest and was delivered yesterday to the National Assembly. This initiative demonstrates the constructive, creative, proactive and purposeful spirit that the bases of the nationalities are capable of developing, with a clear objective and with concrete goals for the short, medium and long term, as well as the security of life and the search for a true Sumak Kawsay (Good Living) born from the people, for present and future generations.

At the press conference held at the CONAIE facilities on the afternoon of this Wednesday, October 23, the leaders who led the mobilization for life thanked Ecuadorian society for the support provided for almost fifteen days, expressed in solidarity contributions, support symbolic and concrete summations of different social groups of Quito and the whole of Ecuador.

On the other hand, the women confirmed that the resistance will continue from the grassroots, from the territories where mothers, grandmothers and daughters protect mother earth every day. We flatly reject the XI Oil Bidding Round and propose the Living Forest (Kawsak Sacha) proposal as a life alternative with a view to declaring the tropical forests of the central southern Amazon as areas free of oil extraction, conservation areas and biodiversity heritage of humanity.

Allpamanda, Kawsaymanda, Jatarishunchik!

Long live the struggle of Amazonian women!

Long live life, land and struggle!

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