10564586_803575866339654_317891707_oSARAYAKU: IN DEFENSE OF THE LIVING FOREST

Sports club and soccer school sarayaku "The Sons of the Jaguar"

 The first football team prprofessional of an indigenous people from the jungle: ” the sons of the jaguar “, messengers and human symbols of the protection of the Amazon.


Each achievement has been thanks to their perseverance and creativity, to the limited spaces they grant to modern urban society. The Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku, located in the south-central part of the Ecuadorian Amazon, are a benchmark for their struggle in favor of the Rights of Nature, the Rights of the Original Peoples and universal Human Rights.

For the first time in the history of the Indigenous Peoples, the Sarayaku of the Ecuadorian Amazon have launched their message of life and defense of Kawsak Sacha – Living Jungle through the king of sports, football and thus bring to the consciousness of men, women and children of the entire society, the importance of the Amazon, the life systems of all living beings of this planet.

This experience began two months ago in the local professional football tournament for promotion to the second category, where Deportivo Sarayaku had an outstanding participation, winning the Vice Championship. You can feel the breath and strength of the fans, identified with the living jungle , without social or political differences, managing to unite all nationalities, original peoples, and the mestizo society.

Our intention is to carry out a message of life each time an audience, a soccer team called "The children of the jaguar", messengers and human symbols of the defense of the Amazon.

At this moment in the history of Ecuador, an indigenous people it has become professional football, breaking with folkloric concepts, discrimination and the myth of the noble savage. Deportivo Sarayaku has taken an important step in his professional career by reaching the second category professional zonal championship, which is the prelude to category B professional football.


If possible We are already showing you that football has united us for the first time without distinction of race. Of course yes.

Football has been published by Sarayaku is a great opportunity to get to know each other among peoples in a multinational intercultural context, with a proposal to understand the Sumak kawsay – Life in Harmony or Good Living. Through football we want to carry this message on a large scale.either

Training of the soccer children of Sarayaku

The journey of the soccer kids

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