Remarks by the President of Sarayaku José Gualinga of the VII Sumak Kawsay Sarayaku Congress at a press conference


In this congress the people of Sarayaku are dealing with very relevant issues, such as: economic, social, political and territorial for the benefit of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku at a local, national and international level.

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The Tayak Apu of Sarayaku in accompaniment of GONOAE, ECUARRUNARI, CONAIE and the National Coordination of PACHAKUTIK, in a press conference with different media, announces the decision that Sarayaku in its VII congress as authorized by the Sarayaku statute, the rules of coexistence of the Sumak Kawsay plan, in a free and sovereign manner resolves to give all the necessary guarantees of the right to life to the three companions, Clever Jiménez, Carlos Figueroa and Fernando Villavicencio within the territory of Sarayaku. These guarantees that Sarayaku provides represent all the mobility for family, friends, the press and can go to the Sarayaku territory,

Likewise, as the people of Sarayaku, we fully recognize his exercise as legislator of the country and from Sarayaku he will continue to fulfill his functions as authority of the nation and the people.

The People of Sarayaku radically reject the intimidation by the state through the public force, since it has undertaken a plan of harassment in the places of Puerto Canelos and in the Shell parish in the Amazon River airport, checking the suitcases of the members of Sarayaku who are entering the VII congress.

Similarly, we reject the overflight of the police helicopter, which tried to land in the Sarayaku territory at the mouth of the Sarayakillo river, on April 25 at 5:00 p.m., creating chaos in the community, so we declare that Sarayaku is on high alert, rejecting this violation of our human rights, the violation of the sentence granted in 2012 by the Inter-American Court, where it tells us that we enjoy all protection and the measures of non-repetition, in that sense, we are in strict solidarity, providing the security, and we want to let the whole world know that the people of Sarayaku are guaranteeing the precautionary measures that the Inter-American Commission has granted to the three comrades.

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