Motivational workshop with young people from the history of the Sarayaku People:

Sarayaku, June 25, 2013


 Photo courtesy Samai Galinga

The Sarayaku Youth Organization “SAMARUTA” met today, Monday, June 25, at the SASI WASI (Health and revitalization center of the Kichwa Native People of Sarayaku) to learn more about the history of the Town and its organizational process.

He highlighted the intervention of Tupak Viteri, Yanapak Apu (Vice President of Tayjasaruta) who shared his reflections on the formation of leadership cadres in the historical line that strengthened the struggle, as well as a necessary process of self-criticism that allowed addressing the political situation and reaffirmation of base commitments.


                                                                      Photo courtesy of Samai Gualinga

Narcisa Gualinga told the story of those who intervened centuries ago in times of colonization such as missionaries, the army, rubber tappers and exploiters of natural resources and the beginning of formal education. All this influence has produced a transformation in the life of Sarayaku, in cultural, spiritual, environmental terms in its cosmic, philosophical, ideological, economic and political dimensions.

These types of activities are the fundamental components for the process of strengthening the community, which is why Tayjasaruta provides inputs for discussion and construction at all times.


                                                           Photo courtesy Saul Reyes

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