The Amazonian peoples since the times of colonial conquests and invasions have suffered violations of their rights in their territories. Subsequently, another of the domains with a colonial tint began with the republican era and governments in power, with oil exploitation being the greatest impact on the territories of the peoples and nationalities of the Amazon. Thus, the Kichwa People of Sarayaku began the struggle in defense of their territory and their rights in 1979, a time when a colonization phase was underway with the Ecuadorian Institute of Agrarian Reform and Colonization, IERAC by the Ecuadorian State.

However, the people of Sarayaku, using their ancestral warrior strength and the ideals of the new generation, knew how to defend their living space, that is, their territory. Years later the General Fuel Company CGC, committing an irreparable outrage in the life of the people.

On the other hand, the attempt to explore and exploit oil caused serious sociocultural, environmental, and spiritual impacts, attacking all the links and life cycles that the Sarayaku people have been building throughout their history. Therefore, on this historic day in memory of the people of Sarayaku and peoples of the world, it is important that the truth be known, in which the Ecuadorian State has the responsibility before the world to apologize to the People of Sarayaku, as one of the measures of reparation and satisfaction for the damage caused, an opinion of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights sentenced on June 27, 2012.

That is why the importance of this day in the group of the ¨ People of the Midday ¨ that has conquered their freedom day by day and shown a path of guidance for the security of the Amazonian peoples of Pastaza. 

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