The Original Peoples of the world have put into practice together with the Pachamama or Mother Earth the beginning of Kawsak Sacha-Living Jungle, according to the cultural contexts and historical processes where we maintain a way of life based on the conscious management of life assets, which has allowed us to survive in intrinsic connection with the Protector Beings of the jungle. Each space: rivers, mountains, lakes, trees, moretales, wetlands, the jungle itself, are the habitat of these beings that regulate the balance of existence.  
The social life of the Original Peoples maintains an intimate relationship with this complex world and very little known by modern science. The oral accounts of our ancestors, transmitted through time/space or pacha for our fathers and mothers, the Ayllukuna (family nuclei) formed large organizations of Yachakkuna (wise). They orally transmitted the thought of the Kawsak Sacha and the Sumak kawsay, guiding society as a whole in a practical way to achieve maximum knowledge of the Yachay (wisdom for existence).  
The Yachay, accumulation of ancestral knowledge and training process that allows the human being gathered in each Ayllu(Family) carry inside the sense of the fragility of these spaces, thus achieving maximum respect for Nature-Pachamama. Thus, an adequate interaction of the goods of life provided by Pachamama-Mother Earth is ensured. 
Throughout history, we, the inhabitants of the Living Forest, have constituted ourselves, together with the protective beings, guardians of the health of the Pachamama. Currently, this ancestral knowledge links past and present, and allows visionary projections, without denying the conscious management of life assets. 
Contrary to the imposed concept of a single hegemonic vision of the world, we claim historical memory from a focus on our territories, we project our own, original model, from the ancestors to the present. The purpose is to continue preserving biocultural diversity, made invisible by the colonizers who have imposed values and knowledge that lead to the gradual disappearance of the cultural principles of the original peoples.  
Currently, the principles of Sumak kawsay and the Kawsak Sacha, are severely threatened by the universal application of an extractivist, rentier economic and energy "development" model that accumulates wealth in a few hands. These global guidelines break the validity of conscious practices for the survival of life. In this sense, the pressure of projects, laws and decrees without consultation or taxes, as well as an education system that imposes logics of colonization and extractivist, capitalist domination, affect the habitat and generate conflicts between the self-government of the Original Peoples and the States.  
For this reason, the new generations of Original Peoples, from the strength of our knowledge, build alternatives, conscious proposals and in accordance with the Life Plan, bringing our own wisdom to a social transformation that sustains the Sumak kawsay and to Kawsak Sasha. From the Original Peoples we contribute to prevent the threat of climate change. The joint care of the Living Forest and the Protector Beings directly and indirectly benefits the life and harmony of Pachamama-Mother Earth.  
The people of Sarayaku, assuming their responsibility to contribute to real solutions from their intrinsic connection with Kawsak Sacha – Living Forest, convened the event in this time and space Kawsari I (Meeting of Knowledge of the Original Peoples for the Kawsak Sacha – Living Forest) in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the IACHR ruling in favor of the Sarayaku people and the launch of the Kawsak Sacha-Living Jungle Proposal, held in the city of Quito in 2018. 
The Kawsari I, aims to build a global agreement, to strengthen the strategies of defense of the territories of life of the Original Peoples of the world within the framework of the rights of nature and the self-determination of peoples. 
Due to the above and for the first time in history, with the presence of the organizations: FENAP PERU, Cbinational coordinator of the Achuar People of Ecuador-Peru COBNAEP, ORAU Peru, Association of Authorities and Councils U´WA-ASOWA-COLOMBIA, Kichwa leaders from Alto Napo, OPRIO, Peoples of: CANELOS, SINANGOE, SIECOPAE-SUCUMBIOS, WANKAVILKA, Nationalities: Pastaza Kikin Kíchwa Runakuna PAKKIRU, ANDWA, SHIWIAR , WAORANI, SAPARA, NAOQUI QUIJOS, Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon CONFENIAE, Committee for the Defense of the Protected Forest Kutuku SHAIME-Morona Santiago, Town of Saraguro, gathered in the Pueblo del noon, on July 26 and 27, 2022, reaffirming our conceptions of territories of life, our philosophies, our struggles of resistance and re-existence for the life of our Pachamama-mother earth and the Sumak Kawsay, as well as for historical responsibility with all the peoples of the world, In exercising our rights to free termination and autonomy, we decide and agree:  
  1. We are committed to work for the recognition of the territories of all the original peoples of the world such as Kawsak Sacha-Selva Viviente, territories of life. 
  1. We will support and maintain the Kawsak Sacha and the Sumak Kawsay as a manifest expression of our global identity, in the exercise of our own rights, human rights, collective rights and those of Pachamama. 
  1. We will protect the integrity and territorial sovereignty to ensure the existence of the native peoples and the Kawsak Sacha- Living Forest, as a conscious living being and subject of rights. 
Those of us who participate in this meeting KAWSARI UNO, RENACER UNO, convene a great global minga for life with this permanent struggle on all continents and we resolve: 
  1. Deepen the effective enjoyment of the rights to self-determination and autonomy in our territories of life, through the development and application of our own regulations, in the exercise of our forms of government, to ensure cultural survival within the framework of plurinationality and interculturality, also basing ourselves on international treaties, pacts, declarations and conventions on the rights of Native Peoples. 
  1. Demand from the States, the United Nations and other external actors actions and policies that guarantee the existential rights of the Original Peoples.  
  1. To urge the societies of the world to sincere reflection and action in the face of the ravages of climate collapse caused by capitalism, one of the most perverse manifestations of which is extractivism.  
Together we can and must move towards a world that guarantees a dignified life for all living beings and protective beings in balance with Pachamama, overcoming all forms of exclusion and domination, in key to global democracy. 


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