In a conference called Oil & Power in the city of Quito the last week of September 2006, the company, Compañía General de Combustible (CGC) of Argentina, presented a magazine called "Natural Resources and Sovereignty: Memory and Future of the Deep Ecuador" .

In the magazine, he describes the Sarayaku people and the Ecuadorian indigenous movement as "the stick in the wheel of Ecuador's growth." And it affirms that the "territory occupied by this people can be considered a state within a state" and argues that this people has "its own legal system that is antagonistic to that established by the national constitution." As his speech to discredit the struggle of the people states that only "three families" are the ones that wield power in Sarayaku. Also, showing his profound ignorance, he mixes the nationalities that inhabit the Ecuadorian Amazon, and invents a nationality that never existed in the region, the "signa". He says the following about our legal fight: "they are aired in international courts whose resolutions are not binding on the country's institutions."

On the other hand, the candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Rafael Correa, has declared himself in favor of the Sarayaku struggle, which obviously worries the CGC, since the company has responded by sending a letter to Mr. Correa, arguing rather, if he wins the elections, he should help resolve the conflict in favor of the oil company.



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