In compliance with the statute of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku in article: 18, where it establishes that the Ordinary General Assembly will be held every year, for the presentation of the reports of the Government Council of Tayjasaruta, Programs and Projects and the election of the Kurakas and Likuatis; By virtue of the foregoing, all active members of the seven communities: Kali Kali, Sarayakillu, Chundayaku, Shiwakucha, Mawkallakta and Kushilu Kachi that make up the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku are invited to attend the Ordinary General Assembly – Sarayaku Kichwa Runa Jatun Tadanacui that will take place on May 2 and 3, 2015, at the noon house of the People of Sarayaku, to discuss the following agenda:

1.- Verification of the Assembly Members
2.- Intervention of the Tayak Apu of Sarayaku – President
3.- Presentation of the Annual Report of the Government Council of Tayjasaruta and the coordinators of the projects and programs, the technical and financial team
4.- Analysis of compliance with the Judgment of July 27, 2012 issued by the Inter-American Court
5.- Analysis of the Political Context At the local and national level - eleventh oil round and the supposed prior consultation.
6.- Election of the New Government Council of Tayjasaruta according to the Sarayaku statute.
7.- Agreements and resolutions.
7.- Closure
Punctual assistance is requested,
Sarayaku, April 27, 2015
felix santi

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