Mr. José Gualinga, Tayak Apu (President) of Sarayaku participated on Wednesday and Tuesday, March 7 and 8, 2012 in an important event, organized by the R20 and the Association of European Regions (ARE), which brought together numerous representatives economic leaders, political leaders and experts from all over the world to prepare for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20), which will take place in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012, and discuss ways to achieve the green economy .

In this event, the president of Sarayaku has presented a proposal for a legal categorization of the Amazonian Kichwa territories called "Kawsak Sacha" (living jungle). It was the opportunity, within this framework, to reaffirm that green economy development processes have to take into account and respect the rights and life proposals of indigenous peoples and the particularities of the Amazon regions.

In this event, the president of Sarayaku met with numerous personalities and political leaders with great influence within the political and economic world, such as the representative of the Government of the state of Chiapas, the representative of the UNDP (UNDP United Nations Development Programme) and the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), the representative of the permanent mission of Ecuador in Geneva, the political and spiritual leader Davi Kopenawa, Yanomami from Brazil, the president of the R20 Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger and representatives of various regions of the different continents of Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.

Read the Kawsak Sacha Proposal here

Declaration of Kawsak Sacha

Pronouncement on the visit of the Inter-American Court to Sarayaku





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