Kawsak sachata kishpichik runakuna or KASKIRUNA, Guardians of the Living Forest

In 2013 to reinforce the territorial management and care plan for the Kawsak Sacha, a team of 8 was formed kaskirunakuna guardians of the jungle whose main functions are: to monitor the entire territory so that external or internal agents do not carry out polluting and destructive activities within the territory; Periodically monitor the area Kawsak Sacha; socialize, comply with and enforce the rules of coexistence for the Sumak kawsay in regard to hunting, fishing, staying in dairy farms and caring for endangered species; protect surveillance points Sisa Ñampi (Road of flowers); continuously update the database of biological diversity, the life of Kawsak Sacha and the movement and management of the territory.

Main Functions of the Department of  Management, administration and sustainable use of Kawsak Sacha of the Sarayaku territory

It is responsible for supervising, guarding, monitoring the areas declared Kawsak Sacha (in all the Sarayaku territory).

Organize a plan of surveillance activities in the main tributaries and areas of KS in coordination with the kawsak Sacha Kishpichik Runakuna, KASKIRUNA, guardians of the forest.

Disseminate the rules of the Kawsak Sacha management plan throughout the Sarayaku territory.

Take immediate verification and investigation actions in the case of hunting of endangered species and in the case of hunting in areas declared reserves.

Present the reports and advances in the assemblies and congresses of the people.

Coordinate with the territory leader, the Kaskiruna guardians of the forest, Atayak to monitor the ancestral boundaries of the Sarayaku territory.

Monitor and control all the goods and equipment of the program and keep the inventory up to date.

Keep continuously updated in the database of the management plan (maps, species of fauna, flora, ichthyofauna) of the declared area Kawsak Sacha of the town of Sarayaku.


The monitoring of the main activities of the Protectors of the living forest ¨kaskiruna¨ guardians of the jungle has a participatory methodology, where the council of the Government of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku forms a group in the technical team, leaders and leaders of the community evaluates and values the work of the Kaskirunas in roles and functions entrusted by the People of Sarayaku.

Wildlife monitoring

The monitoring and evaluation of the main wild animals of the territory has been maintained in the place of the salting sheds of the camera trap, direct observations on the border roads. Impacts that occur in hunting.

In addition, in the context of activities is implemented. These instruments consist of calendars for the use of fauna, flora and ichthyofauna resources.


Territorial monitoring and surveillance: control of compliance with regulations in the jungle, observations and data collection, analysis of interactions and the effects of human activities, detection of pollution sources, application of the management plan, territorial surveillance Against external agents and threats, expeditions and cartography.

Trainings: monitoring methodology, systematization and structuring of data, analysis, cartography, use of technologies, environmental legislation, sustainable hunting. 

Recovery and diffusion of the ancestral practices that have allowed the sustainable use and exploitation of the natural resources of the Sarayaku territory.

Data systematization: reports, census, maps, technical files of expeditions.

Planning and Zoning: Updating of the management plan and regulations adapted to current and traditional use with the Kurakas (community authorities) for the use and care of the forest.

Report to managers and technical team for the implementation of regulations, conflict management, etc.

Dissemination of the work of the Kaskirunas group at the local, national and international level

Puyo Office: Francisco de Orellana and General Villamil Telephone +593 32 896 999  ©2022  Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku

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