The Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku will celebrate "UYANZA", their great biannual party on February 13, 14, 15 and 16, 2015.

 Uyanza is the traditional and cultural festival of Sarayaku, an event where male and female helper members express their abilities, skills and knowledge of the Sacha Runa Yachay. It is a space to call for the coexistence and unity of the ayllus of Sarayaku, other peoples and nationalities, brothers and thank Pachamama for the abundance that she provides every day to all human beings.

February 13 is the arrival of the "chayuk" (priostes), called SHAMUNGUICHU, the 14th is the minga of the flowers PUNCHES, the 15th is the great banquet CAMARI and Monday the 16th is the day of PURU PAKINA, breakage of clay pots. The festival is completely traditional and is characterized by the typical outfits and traditional paintings of people who dance to the rhythm of drums and pijuano, music, ancestral art of the Kichwa Amazonian People of Sarayaku.

Sarayaku has the honor of inviting nationalities, institutions, grassroots, social, non-governmental organizations, allies, friends, and the general public to visit us and share with us the living culture that the original peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon have. .


For logistical coordination purposes, each visitor, exclusively prior confirmation and authorization of entry, by contacting the numbers or emails listed at the end of this document, you must provide yourself with field accessories (tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, rubber boots, rain poncho, food, water, repellent, and whatever you consider necessary for your stay in the jungle)

Sarayaku can only be accessed by river and air, we put at your service the contact telephone numbers:


For more information, please contact the Sarayaku coordination office in Puyo: Telephone: 00 593-03-2-883979.

Post:,, and Mireya Gualinga (Secretary)

Papangu:00 593 3 2887 684/ 099904439 (Veronica Freire)

NOTE: For security reasons, Sarayaku reserves the right to enter its territory.



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