Sarayaku festival prepares for a long time. The chayuk (owners and responsible) of the four parties, (Lance, Warmi Wawa, Kari Wawa and Russian Mama) for two years, with patience and perseverance, they organize their activities to have the chakra, the house, the instruments and all the necessary tools for the celebration ready.

At the end of January, in the minga of “yantankichu”, All the inhabitants of the town contribute the necessary firewood to be able to prepare the chicha and cook during
the days of the celebration. The owners of each party (priostes), take advantage of that day to ask for support and beg the participation of men and women of the town during all the ceremonies of the party.


Two days later, about 100 men set out into the jungle and, deciphering the messages and mysteries of nature and the spirits of the jungle, they get what Mother Earth offers them to be able to hold their party. The women will stay in the town, making the chicha and weaving the most beautiful clay pottery (mukawa, kalliana and puru) to offer the chicha and food on the days of the festival.


In mid-February, at dawn, on the beach and in the hills closest to the town on the Bobonaza River and hunting paths, the men's tabors sound, announcing the beginning of the oldest ritual of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku " the Uyantza”. The women, wearing traditional paintings on their faces, a symbol of beauty and their close relationship with nature, go to meet their parents, husbands and children to offer them chicha, a symbol of affection and welcome. The painted men wituk, with costumes and crowns of multicolored bird feathers, they will receive the welcome of their relatives and launch the cry of the day of the arrival of the "shamunkichu".


In the houses of the partygoers, the men deliver the fruit of their hunt, a symbol of kindness, solidarity and an offering from the jungle, domain of the Amazanka. The women will continue to offer chicha to everyone, as a symbol of the fertility and abundance of Mother Earth.


For four days, the festivities continue, respecting an ancient cultural ritual of welcome, floral gifts, community food and a farewell with gratitude to nature.


This sacred ritual of Uyantza symbolizes life and reaffirms the validity and sovereignty of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku. It is an act of unity and solidarity between peoples and a thank you to the Amazanka, nunkuli and to Mother Earth, for the goodness and abundance that Mother Nature grants them every day.daniel


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