It is important to clarify and leave the province and the country well exposed, the declarations of the provincial prefect on the conservation proposal called, Ecological Area of Provincial Sustainable Development and the proposal for the Kawsak Sacha Declaration - Living Forest.

The Kawsak Sacha proposal is not a simple classic conservation proposal proposed by governments at all levels under the first generation management structure that simply conserve to obtain economic resources.

Pastaza is the largest province geographically at the national level, according to data from different studies, 80% of the territory is primary forest and best preserved areas at the national level, it is essential that this best preserved space is within the collective property of the 7 nationalities, this has been maintained thanks to their own knowledge of the sustainable use and management of natural resources, and the struggle to claim collective and territorial rights in defense of their living space, and the 20% is in the buffer zone of the cantons and urban parishes, areas with greater environmental degradation and with an upward trend of critical environmental pollution.

The 80% of this larger space conserved by the nationalities is currently threatened and handed over in blocks and is already included in the oil bidding plan called the South East round, the kawsak sacha proposals ask the State to recognize that all this extremely important space of the Biomass of RRNN, leave for perpetuity free of the extractive activity of fossil resources such as: oil and mining and of more uses that affect the sustainable management of these natural resources such as the exploitation of wood and biopiracy, this is the challenge that promotes the Kawsak – Sacha – Selva – Living proposal, breaking structured legal paradigms of the State that has simply come with an extractivist development policy, of sole dependency for the national treasury under a system of classic coloniality.

In addition, the Kawsak Sacha proposal demands that the State recognize the jungle (Forest) as a conscious living being and subject to rights, these are the clear objectives proposed by the proposal, to eradicate in a real way and contribute to solving the great problem of change climate we are currently facing.

This recognition that we propose is not only for the territorial space of the People of Sarayaku, which many mistakenly cite, it is an avant-garde proposal that could generate unique legal precedents at the national level and the world if the Ecuadorian State recognizes and will serve so that other peoples and nationalities can replicate and use this proposal.

The second step after achieving this recognition is to work among all peoples and nationalities on a legal instrument structured on mechanisms for direct and own participation of economic resources in conservation matters, currently this mechanism for participation at the global level is established as follows : financing channels are multiple and sometimes difficult to specify, they are grouped into three large groups.

  1. Those that operate within the framework of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.
  2. And those that are implemented by other international organizations.
  3. And those that operate externally or indirectly to climate protection efforts, such as trade, private investment and foreign direct investment.

The ones that mostly finance are the governments of the supposedly developed countries and in second place the multilateral companies, in this segment the mining and oil companies enter, but all this built financing system enters to finance through bilateral cooperation, the World Bank to through the administration of its climate investment funds (FIC), and the global fund for the Environment (Global Environment Facility, GEF), and the Adaptation Fund (AF) within the framework of the Kyoto protocol. In addition, the role of multilateral banks such as IDB, CAF, which finance resources to build climate resilience, is growing.

The central problem of this financing system built by the colonial system definitively excludes the native peoples and nationalities, in addition, these same governments of developed countries and multilateral banks and private companies are the largest investors in strategic areas for the exploitation of fossil resources worldwide, here is the total controversy of a trick of deception against the commitments to face climate change, a real example of this is the United States, one of the countries that generates 25% of polluting gases worldwide, that I withdraw in a jícara way from the Paris agreement, because if he signed that agreement, his private companies and his imperialist market economy would negatively affect, in fact as an extremist republican he watches over his country, that is why we as Ecuadorians and Amazonians defend with real proposals and break these false schemes of climate resilience.

The Fund that the ordinance has obtained through a bilateral agreement with the State of Norway, are economic resources that are within this financing system explained above, if you want to know, explore, investigate, Norway is a purely mining country that has exploited copper and oil, unlike our country Ecuador, they have managed the resources well and have become industrialized countries, but that has cost them to leave a very negative ecological footprint at a global level, now they want to build sustainable economic alternatives when the problem has deepened, but their mining and oil companies have never stopped continuing to exploit fossil resources, this is the double standard and iron makeup of the capitalist system in the face of climate change.

That is why the proposal for an Ecological Area of sustainable provincial development of Pastaza, established under an ordinance, is an apathetic proposal of classic conservation, obtaining economic funds to conserve, without proposing real solutions to the problem we face.

The ordinance of the ecological area of sustainable provincial development of Pastaza, in which part of its legal regulations needs to face extractive activity, considering that more than 4 million hectares have already been delivered and others to be concessioned at the end of this year according to the government plan to the extractive oil companies, where it proposes to establish a legal shield to leave all extractive activity of fossil resources underground, nowhere in the ordinance do they mention this, within the structure of the ordinance if they review, in what part of the organic structure of the the consortium are the indigenous peoples and nationalities as actors with decision-making power, they are simply as passive social actors, the free, informed prior consultation in good faith, which must be binding, established by the IACHR for the member countries, has been violated because the work meetings that the Prefect mentions have been simple information meetings and most of the towns and nations Nationalities have opposed the proposed ordinance, there has not been the consent and decision-making of the peoples and nationalities, another thing is to socialize and inform, as the Ministry of Hydrocarbons did, let us not fall into the old evil practices of the State.

Finally, if you really have that political will to save the lungs of the world, that the ordinance focuses on working in the 20% of the territorial space of the cantons, parish councils and settler, peasant and indigenous communities in the urban sector, which is totally contaminated, the fresh water 60% is no longer consumable, it is contaminated, there is a growing decrease in deforestation, endangering water sources, an accelerated urban growth without plans to face the problems of climate change in the present and future.

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