Kawsak Sacha – Living Forest Proposal was presented at the World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia

Proposal for declaration of KAWSAK SACHA – SELVTO LIVING
November 2014
Based on philosophical knowledge, experiences and ancestral knowledge, the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku is currently developing a proposal for the declaration of KAWSAK SACHA – LIVING JUNGLE and promotes the recognition of its sacred territory, Heritage of Culture and Biodiversity in Ecuador.

The objective of the Frontera de Vida project is the promulgation of a law that determines a new category of preservation of territorial spaces of native peoples, based on the spiritual dimension of the sacred territories. 
« Living Forest » defines the creation of an extensive protected natural area that includes the entire territory of Sarayaku and its border of flowers, as well as the territories of neighboring peoples and nationalities: A total set of hundreds of thousands of hectares free of exploitation oil, mining, forestry and prospecting. This area would be, for the first time in the world, managed by the indigenous peoples who inhabit it, with the scientific, economic and moral support of the national and international community. 

sacha2In this area, the Rights of Nature, already included in the Ecuadorian Constitution, will be scrupulously respected. 
“Nature, as a subject of law, goes beyond the superficial concept of a nature that would be understood from a single environmental and aesthetic point of view. It is the recognition of all the beings that give it life.” (sarayaku)
The management of the "Living Forest" would be the responsibility of the system and principles of administration of the Peoples and Nationalities that inhabit it, land management with crop rotation, control of hunting and fishing, sustainable management of the territory, etc. As well as the most contemporary and specialized scientific knowledge to create satellite mapping, zoning, conservation of fauna and flora, training of forest guides, sustainable use and marketing of natural resources, strengthening of the education system and its philosophical knowledge. , application of alternative energy systems, science and technology. Etc.

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