Recalling the living history of our ancestors and ancestors, the Original Peoples celebrate, today, January 8, 2014, the first Meeting of Integration and Fraternity of Peoples and Nationalities, where the presence of true interculturality that enhances the original identity of the peoples of Pastaza.

Since their ancient origins, the Kichwa, Sapara, Shuar, Achuar, Waorani, Andoa and Shiwiar Peoples and Nationalities have walked to refound and join the Puyukrunakuna. What motivated this long toil from day to day was the search for diverse aspirations to discover other cultures, find better days, forge the education of their daughters and sons or/and look for a job.

In this new existence, new reality, new experience, they have faced circumstances of cultural and social adaptations, challenging misunderstanding, indifference, intolerance, discrimination, denial, rejection of their condition, culture, their rights and including racism.

This human conglomerate, with a rich cultural diversity and ancestral knowledge, has not been incorporated into the socio-economic strategies and programs to strengthen its own identity in Puyo. This dire situation has prompted us to find organizational responses to resolve the land, education, health, economic, and cultural expression requirements that we needed.

websara12This meeting is the first important step to organize ourselves and reaffirm our identity. Achieve respect for the rights that assist us as Peoples and Nationalities and build a space of dignity. A step towards a new constitution of a collective organization of the inhabitants based in the city of Puyo.

Build a true province of plurinationality and interculturality, which enhances the image and identity of Puyo. Likewise, build an authentic political project that responds to the socio-economic and cultural proposals of the Peoples and Nationalities.

Today, together, we will build the beginning, the beginning, the present and the future, of the consolidation of a new organization.

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