“Through social networks, the Sarayaku have become cyber activists: Through a satellite connection they access the internet to share their environmental message and to receive international support. They are convinced that showing their life in the jungle will inspire people around the world to implement different strategies to fight climate change. They want to be known internationally not out of vanity, but because this way it would be more difficult for the government or the oil companies to make them disappear. However, the internet connection to the “outside world” works both ways and today there is a growing influence of Western culture in your daily life.

The Kichwa worldview it is not linear. It resembles a circle with hundreds of interconnected nodes inside it. This documentary takes this concept as a starting point, so its different elements can be accessed both separately and together. The elements that compose it are the web documentary, a book, an exhibition and a podcast.

This transmedia project invites the viewer to enter this jungle of information where ancestral indigenous wisdom intermingles with contemporary western wisdom. Also, the documentary gives a strong voice to the community and opens the doors for discussion about how we can keep our planet alive. It is clear that, without the Amazon rainforest, humanity cannot exist.”

If you want to support the Sarayaku community and help it preserve its territory and nature, you can make a contribution by clicking on the link below. Please write the word “Sarayaku” in the comment field. Please note that the 100% from your donation will go directly to the community and help cover maintenance costs for communications equipment, allowing them to continue sharing their stories and important message with the world.

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