Chikwan Rimay is a radio program to spread the word to the Sarayaku People.
We come to you with the message of strengthening our culture, our fight for a healthy territory, free of contamination and destruction of the environment. We are here to exercise and defend the self-determination, the self-government of the Sarayaku people and their worldview that involves human beings, natural resources, flora, fauna and the fish fauna of the rivers and lagoons. Our commitment is to spread the wisdom of the Sarayaku people in particular and that of the Amazonian peoples in general.

We will do it in our own language, in our own way. We will communicate from our weaknesses and strengths and with the support of new techniques, digital multimedia, we will communicate with the llakta. We will spread the thought that illuminates and allows us to build successes and correct mistakes. We will be defenders and diffusers of the Kawsak Sacha in the towns of the Amazon and the entire Ecuador, and with this thought that is a voice, the people of Sarayaku present this radio program. Chikuan Rimay.

The idea that drives us is to communicate to solve problems. So that the information is a contribution to the knowledge of the population and so that it contributes to the education and culture of the children of the Sarayaku people and also of the other peoples of the Amazon.

Chikuan is a prehistoric bird that communicates with its song to human beings good fortune, abundance, arrival of relatives, visitors or can also announce catastrophes.

Thus, like the bird, we will dedicate ourselves to spreading the truths of the people, their light and their knowledge. We will seek to strengthen the ancient culture and wisdom of the Sarayaku people. With the radio and its immense capacity to promote and spread the word, we will make these goals a reality. We will be autonomous, original and critical. For this we will use our Kichwa language and we will work together with the people of the community bases sharing stories, knowledge, experiences, events, hopes and dreams.

We will interact with the shunku of the elders, of the leaders, women and men, of the young people, the girls and the boys. All of us, karikuna and warmikuna, together we will make #CikuanRimay a song of many voices that will illuminate the journey of #Sarayaku and the peoples of #Amazonía.


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