On June 17, 2016, a large assembly is planned in the Kichwa town of Boberas where the representatives of the Kichwa Peoples and Communities of the Bobonaza River basin will be present, such as: Pakayaku, Sarayaku, Teresa Mama, Chuba Kucha to claim the position ancestral territory and the collective titles obtained in 1992 by the government of Rodrigo Borja, as well as ratifying the unity of the Peoples in defense of life and territory against any threat to our Pachamama and Collective Rights. The events that occurred with the Boberas community on February 26, 2016 where there was an attack in the Puka Yaku Community will be analyzed, and the state of the legal actions taken against the material actors of the event will be socialized. Another important point will be deciding what actions to take against the state authorities that have illegally granted a territorial title to the Andwa Nationality without having carried out due process for it, as established by the Constitution of Ecuador.


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