We thank the representatives of the Wallone region and the Casa Nicaragua Foundation of Belgium for supporting this own initiative within the framework of the conservation of indigenous territories and the declaration of the proposal of the “kawsak sacha – living jungle” to deal with climate change.

The Sarayaku people and other indigenous peoples are making an effort to contribute to the world by conserving carbon sinks, to mitigate the impacts of global warming.


Túpac Viteri G. Nuevo Kuraka from the KUSHILLU URKU community, coordinator of the conservation program “SUMAK ALLPA – FERTILE LAND” from the Sarayaku people delivered the field materials to the expeditionaries and kaskirunas “Guardians of the Kawsak Sacha”.


More than 50 people, men and women are mobilized in the territory to signal the borders with living colors of the living forest, they will carry out the maintenance and planting of new plants that will flourish in twenty years, and can be seen from the air, This project has the objective of delimiting the Sarayaku territory, and thus confront extractive policies in a peaceful manner and ensure the Sumak kawsay and the existence of the native peoples and future generations that will live in harmony with the kawsak sacha and its living beings.


A group of Sisa Ñampi and Kaskirunas expeditionaries "Guardians of the Kawsak Sacha - living jungle" of the original Kichwa people of Sarayaku left this morning for the spaces of our “Frontier of life- Jatun Kawsak Sisa Ñampi


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