For more than 10 years, the People of Sarayaku have been promoting the recognition of KAWSAK SACHA – LIVING FOREST, SACRED TERRITORY OF THE ORIGINAL KICHWA PEOPLE OF SARAYAKU, as a new category of protection for indigenous territories in the Amazon of the living forest.

That is why a first step, Sarayaku has obtained the recognition and certification of the Confederation of Amazonian indigenous nationalities of Ecuador - CONFENIA in its XV congress.

Now, to avoid misinterpretation or misuse of our proposal such as Kawsak Sacha, it has been possible to register with the Ecuadorian Institute of Intellectual Property - IEPI, since the objective of this will be to avoid illegitimate appropriations of said cognitive heritage, as well as it will also be a means of verification for the recognition of collective rights over traditional knowledge that may be infringed in any request for rights to grant use and access to third parties without the express authorization of the legitimate owners and holders of such traditional knowledge and prior to compliance with the corresponding standard.


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