Sarayaku will be present at the multinational congress

Despite police obstacles.

A delegation of 50 comrades, headed by the indigenous leader and President of Sarayaku, José Gualinga, assumed the responsibility of leaving the jungle for Guayaquil after 12 hours of arduous travel along the Bobonaza River. Upon arrival at the Canelos port, they encountered the first problem: the police prevented all the comrades from boarding the hired taxis that would take them to the great summit in Guayaquil organized by the Plurinational Coordinator of the Pachakutik Movement. Despite these inconveniences, finally, they advanced well into the night towards the city of Puyo.

Comrade Marlon Santi's pre-candidacy presentation as National Assemblyman is expected on Saturday, September 1, so the attendance of this delegation in the city of Puyo is decisive.

                                                                                         (Sarayaku Communication)

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