Sarayaku confirmed the accusations of sequestration of 11 soldiers made by President Rafael Correa

On December 19th, the People of Sarayaku surprised 11 military men in traversant uniform are territoire en pirogue. In the context of extreme tension in the province of Morona Santiago, or the Peuple Shuar resists against the implantation of a Chinese mining company, the members of Sarayaku ont invited the military to explain their presence, and are later accused of sequestration et de violations de l'Etat de droit.

From December 16 to 18, 2016, during three days of the General Assembly, the managers, the technicians and the managers of the different sectors and projects developed in Sarayaku ont exposed their work to the evaluation of the population. The Cette Assemblée is also issuing a declaration of solidarity with the Peuple Shuar of the Morona Santiago region in Lutte against a project for the exploitation of the cuivre.

After many years, the conflict between the Shuar people of Nankints, the Chinese mining company EXSA and the government authorities in the cessation of the intensification suite to the expulsion of the inhabitants of the land for mining exploitation and the absence of all dialogue or mediation. On December 15, the altercations between the local population and the police about the death of a police suite when the repression was reinforced: a thousand soldiers sent him to the place and the exception to été I declared. On dé nombre quotidiennement de nombreux blessés et de nombreuses arrestations.

In context, the people of Sarayaku are concerned about the presence of a military patrol on their territory in the December 19 party. On December 20, the Governor of the Province of Pastaza and the colonel responsible for the soldiers present in Sarayaku agreed to dialogue with the leaders of Sarayaku, and quickly about a peaceful resolution of the situation. An agreement to this signé in order that the future Sarayaku is prevented by the advance of the type of displacement and that the soldiers willing to traverse leur territoire en pirogue request a préalable authorization, as per article 30 of the Déclaration des Nations United sur les Droits des Peuples autochtones, ratified by the Etat équatorien.

Le Gouverneur et le colonel ont également reconnu que les 11 avaient soldats été well treated during leur sejour qui a ré moins de 24 heures. A helicopter from the army appealed to them for pleasure at the final destination, to avoid the risk of the new stoppes for the communauté voisine dont ils auraient également dû traverser le territoire.

Quelques heures later, the Président de la République, Rafael Correa rejetait the validity of cet accord et démettait immédiatement de ses fonctions le Gouverneur provincial, membre de son parti.

Il accuse également le peuple de Sarayaku de séquestration et d'association subversive paramilitary willing to believe an Etat dans l'Etat.

On December 22, the members of a press conference organized by the locals of the city of Puyo, Sarayaku, lively reported the accusations and rappelled that the State of Ecuador had been condemned by the IACHR in 2012 for the sake of respecting the rights. du Peuple de Sarayaku en organisant des incursions militaires sur son territoire sans l'avoir consulted au préalable.

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