On April 28, 29 and 30 of this year, the VIII congress was held by the Sumak Kawsay of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku, where one of the relevant points to be discussed during these three days was the election and appointment of the new government council of Tayjasaruta, where for the second time during the entire administration process a woman assumes with courage and commitment, the compañera Mirian Cisineros, a woman committed to militancy and the fight in defense of the rights of indigenous peoples, rights of the nature and human rights.


Last Sunday, May 14, as every year the People of Sarayaku carry out their Pachamama Raymi in commemoration of the titling of 1,515,715 hectares in favor of the indigenous peoples, the new Government Council of Tayjasaruta, led by Mirian Cisneros, daughter of the noon people, who assumes under the defense principles of Sumak allpa, Sarayaku Runa Kawsay and Sacharuna Yachay, to lead with courage and commitment to continue claiming the historic struggle of the Sarayaku people.




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