Puyo, October 09, 2012
Knowing the resounding NO to the XI Oil Round expressed by the indigenous nationalities, the supposed prior, free and informed consultation promoted by the Hydrocarbons Secretariat took today a new divisive strategy in Shuar, Achuar, Sápara and Kichwa territories.
Despite the warnings and express prohibition to officials of this state dependency expressed on several occasions by the Presidents of the indigenous Nationalities against the claim of entry without prior coordination, the state agency ignores the statutes and legal regulations of each nationality using of “indigenous community socializers”.
According to the territorial jurisdiction before entering indigenous territories, in the first instance authorization must be obtained only from the highest authorities of the Government Councils and not from isolated members without official legitimacy. However, through this mechanism, state officials hide their true intentions.
Although the Governor (e) of the Province of Pastaza, Ana Villalva, highlighted the "successful socialization" product of almost a year of work by the Hydrocarbons Secretariat, the hydrocarbons officials have not made public appearances or an official presentation of their presence in the Province of Pastaza but instead use members of indigenous communities as cannon fodder for their purposes.
As a result of these arbitrary actions that violate the right to free self-determination, an indigenous person used by the Hydrocarbons Secretariat is detained in Achuar territory until the State takes action on the matter. The authorities have declared that they will apply ancestral justice - empowered by the Ecuadorian Constitution - for those responsible for these events that generate chaos and confusion by trying to pit people against people and will not be held responsible for what may happen inside with the indigenous people who lend to these actions.
The Constitution establishes the right to resistance, which is not a manifestation of “terrorism and sabotage” as the State has erroneously described in order to criminalize social protest.
Franco Viteri. Bartolo Ushigua.
President of CONFENIAE. CONAIE Strengthening Leader.
Louis Arms. James Vargas.
President of the Nationality President of the Nationality
Sapara of Ecuador. Achuar of Ecuador.                                                                                 

Jose Gualinga. Zenaida Yasacama.
President of the Original People President of the Pakayaku People.
Sarayaku Kichwa.
Daniel Sant. Patricia Gualinga.
Leader of the Bobonaza Basin. Sarayaku Women's Leader.
Franklin Toala
International Relations Manager
By Sarayaku

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