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Puyo, October 11, 2012
Presidents and Managers of the Aviation Companies of the Province of Pastaza
My considerations:
Receive an attentive greeting as well as the greatest wish for success in your functions. In view of the actions that have taken place this week regarding the irruption of officials from the Hydrocarbons Secretariat in indigenous territories without prior coordination with their bases and government councils, I am obliged to inform you that we have declared a state of emergency for the imminent threat implied by the illegitimate and unconsulted actions of the XI Oil Round by the State.
In this virtue, I request in the most attentive manner and appealing to the solidarity and relevance that the legitimate struggle of the peoples in resistance implies for you, in the event that the contracted flights come from the Hydrocarbons Secretariat, notify us immediately before allowing the entry. It is unfortunate to mention that we have information that through this Secretary of State, an attempt is made to camouflage the true purposes of imposing the supposed prior consultation and using members of the indigenous communities as "community socializers."
This morning, Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 10:00 a.m., despite the express prohibition of the highest authorities of the Sapara Nationality, we have just been informed that 2 officials from the Hydrocarbons Secretariat entered, thus violating the official base authority .
In anticipation of avoiding the exacerbation of the conflict that has already started, I ask you to take the pertinent actions because within the communities we cannot take responsibility for their reaction since they are assisted by the full enjoyment of their right to free self-determination.
Franco Viteri



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