Photo communication Sarayaku

On a rainy morning, the town of Sarayaku  celebrate the second day of  the pachamama party, in honor  to mother earth.

Next, the six educational centers of Sarayaku, with their respective teachers, painted with  wituk  of different figures: tigers, turtles, boa; they take the oath to the wipala the flag of the peoples and nationalities and the flag  national, third-year high school students swear, with a loud voice of resistance ALLPAMANDA KAWSAIMANDA JATARISHUN.


                                                                                    Photo communication Sarayaku

Next, the president of Sarayaku José Gualinga intervenes, who in his speech explains  the process of struggle of the indigenous peoples, also recalls the 1992 march, which was promoted from Sarayaku, obtaining as  result in the adjudication of the bloc's territory  9 to which it belongs  135 thousand hectares has Sarayaku.

On the other hand, the president states to the students  that life is here in the jungle, for this we have to fight to defend, propose alternative development to the Ecuadorian state with the vision of Sumak kawsay  and life plans, always  looking at the conservation and the existence of the towns with their culture.

Finally, the Pachamama party program continues with the agenda, of the traditional games. Until four in the afternoon.


                                                                             Photo communication Sarayaku

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