Sisa Kamari and Kamarina

On the second day of the Sarayaku Uyantza, the town is filled with petals, leaves and chicha. The women get up early to pick flowers and the men to collect tall palm branches, and each family with its load goes through the four houses of the priostes where they must leave these offerings and, in exchange, receive all the chicha they can drink and, even let yourself be watered on top. This tour, which is characterized by color and joy, ends with a good swim tofor those who brought the flowers and continues throughout the day for the priostes, their families and the drummer assistants, who then must take all the offerings to the central square and distribute them as follows: the bouquets forming a wide circumference and the flowers adorning the virgin of the church.


The men continue to beat their drums tirelessly as they walk in circles, the women dance moving their long hair from side to side and the chicha continues to run from hand to hand, while the rain fills the jungle with life. During those moments, the priostes choose those who will continue with the tradition in two years, which is what they consider a prudent time for the jungle to regenerate and men can return to hunting without affecting the ecosystem. The day ends with another tour of the houses of the priostes, always in the midst of music and chicha. When night falls, families gather at home and prepare for the next day, where the protagonists will be the animals of the hunt.


This third day of celebration is called Kamarina and it is the great banquet. Today, in addition, there is a wedding in the town, so the first thing will be to visit the church and walk around the square with the Virgin adorned with flowers, accompanied by drums and flutes, and the couple will be in the center. From early in the houses of the priostes the animals that the men obtained after 12 days of hunting have been taken down and now they are cooking for lunch at noon. The first to enjoy are the hosts of the party, their families and helpers, and then the rest of the town and its visitors. Afterwards, the celebration will follow, the laughter, the paintings with wituk, the brotherhood and the chicha, and tomorrow the end, in which the new priostes will officially receive the honor of leading one of the most traditional and rich celebrations that this territory has.



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