The Original People of Sarayaku, is located in the eastern part of Ecuador or Amazon region, in the middle course of the Bobonaza River basin. It belongs to the province of Pastaza. As a Kichwa people of Sarayaku, it is made up of 5 communities. It has a territorial extension of approximately 135 thousand hectares.

95 % of the Sarayaku territory is primary forest, with great potential for biodiversity. According to the vision of the indigenous peoples, the ecosystems of the territories form three essential ecological units; Sacha (Jungle), Yaku (rivers) and Allpa (land). Each one of these ecosystems sustains an infinity of faunal and floral species that are transcendent for the experience of the Amazonian nationalities and peoples.

Therefore, the Sarayaku people have that vision and mission to preserve and use the natural resources of their territories in a sustainable and sustainable way, to strengthen the Sumak Kawsay (life in harmony) and ensure the continuity of the Kawsak Sacha (Living Jungle).

Sarayaku has 1200 inhabitants. The entire population speaks Kichwa. Youth practice the Spanish language in schools and colleges (bilingual intercultural). The majority of the population lives from agriculture, gathering, hunting, and fishing, the fundamental basis of the community and solidarity economy of the town. There are also small productive programs and family initiatives such as the production and sale of handicrafts, community tourism, poultry and fish farms that guarantee food and economic security and improve the quality of life of families.

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