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                                                        Photo by Sarayaku communication team

Amazonian women ask for a hearing to the plenary session of the national assembly

Quito, October 17, 2013

Faced with the invitation of the President of the Republic of Ecuador to meet in Pañacocha, the Amazonian women described as a mockery that it is raised in Sucumbíos considering that they even come from border areas with Peru carrying their children, which makes it impossible to move at such a great distance. “We have come to Quito with the news that we are going to Pañacocha, at the other end of the country, that is why we consider it a mockery. The President's response that we go to Pañacocha is a very strange response, it seems that they want to convince us that oil makes the cities of the millennium, and that is a mistake, because we have our own proposals for life, we do not need them to come to imposing culturally external models on us” inferred Patricia Gualinga from Sarayaku, spokeswoman for the Mobilization for Life.


                                                                    Photo courtesy of Selvas Producciones

Faced with this, he made public the request to be received by the plenary session of the National Legislative Assembly "all Amazonian women, not just a commission." The formal request will be delivered during the day.

At the press conference they explained that the objective of the Mobilization for Life is to make public opinion aware of the decision of the women of the southern central Amazon that the oil remains underground. In addition, he reported that a commission will show solidarity with the mobilization called in defense of Yasuní for this afternoon. The rest of the women and children will stay in an Amazonian hut built in the El Arbolito sector, where a day of information and exchange of Amazonian culture will be held.


                                                  Photo courtesy of Selvas Producciones

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