Mr. José Gualinga, Tayak Apu of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku, continues his tour in Europe.


After the launch of Canto de Flor, "Le Chant de la Fleur", a documentary by Jacques Dochamps and José Gualinga, presented in various cities in Belgium: Liega, Brussels, Verviers and Malmedy, the Tayak Apu of Sarayaku met with different heads of the Federal State and the Regions of Belgium, as well as deputies of the ecological party of the Région wallonne, to present the proposal for the declaration of the Kawsak Sacha, and exchange visions of development, based on respect for the rights of nature, of the original peoples and of a true Sumak Kawsay (Life in harmony), as an alternative for sustainable development.
Mr. Melchior Wathelet, Secretary of State in charge of the Environment, Energy and Mobility of the Federal State of Belgium, and Mr. Jean Pascal Labille, current Minister of Development Cooperation, expressed their interest.
I also take this opportunity to inform about the threat that exists to the human and collective rights of the indigenous peoples of the south central Amazon region, due to the imminent opening of the new oil frontier.
Regarding the Yasuni, he stated that an ethnocide of the uncontacted peoples would be provoked, due to the unfortunate decision of the government to exploit the most biodiverse area in the world.
I call to declare the South Central Amazon of Ecuador, sacred and living territories, as a common good of humanity.
On Wednesday, October 03, the President of Sarayaku will begin his tour of France, with an invitation from the Îles de France Regional Council, to present the documentary and hold a working meeting with the President of the Council.


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