While the police massacre the indigenous protesters and citizens, the Government of Rafael Correa dances in the Presidential square. (Sarayaku, August 17, 2015).

The town of midday, SARAYAKU, is once again present in solidarity with the call of the different sectors, indigenous communities of the country and social movements to defend human dignity, nature and biological diversity, in the face of the devastating threat of oil exploitation in our land.

The march for the "Dignity of the Peoples", undertaken by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador, CONAIE uncovered the true identity of the Government of Rafael Correa. The discourse broadcast for eight years at the national and international level, which favored its image as a socialist government, defender of the rights of indigenous peoples and of mother nature, turned out to be a farce.

Shielded in the new and modern Constitution, disguised as a noble and peaceful image, defender of democracy and the rule of law, the current government built a more than favorable scenario for new extractive projects.

In the name of fighting imperialism and neo-liberal capitalism, it promoted a devastating project of exploitation of natural resources of oil and mega-mining, where the victims are the original peoples who have inhabited these vast territories for millennia.

Made up of good government, with lies and deceit, it has used Article 57 of the collective rights on prior, free and informed consultation in good faith, to give legitimacy to the consultation, which in reality is simple information with what it wants to give way. to the crime against nature and the genocide of the peoples who inhabit these lands. All the rights achieved by the indigenous nationalities have been repealed, such as the bilingual intercultural education system, indigenous health, economic funds, political organization.

The Ecuadorian Constitution of a Plurinational and Intercultural State has remained a dead letter; On the contrary, the project of this group called Alianza País or Revolución Ciudadana, tries to disregard social and cultural diversity; promoting a hegemonizing project, to make the history and culture of the ancestral peoples disappear, through a unique system, alien to our realities.

The National Government accuses us of being violent and hindering its project; On the contrary, the protest voice of the peoples, who demand rectifications, has been criminalized. With this propaganda justification, the Government carries out a selective persecution, generating violent actions in various areas, which affects the violation of the most basic human rights.

During the march for the dignity of the peoples, on August 13, 2015, the Government ordered an impressive deployment of the public force, police and military, which led to strong citizen confrontations, which resulted in numerous disappearances, imprisonment, torture and deaths at the country level.

For this outrage, the same government hired a paramilitary group called ARUTAM, the name of the Amazonian Shuar warriors; but it turns out they are retired military men and strangers; elite group prepared for war and against shocks to demonstrations and social protests.

In these extremely serious circumstances; protest mobilizations continue in different sectors of the country. The National Government perversely minimizes this uprising, to continue advancing systematically in the abuse and violation of human rights.

The authorities and the Ecuadorian justice execute legal provisions personally, abusing their public power, ignoring due process, which violates the legal rights of citizens, in an authoritarian and dictatorial environment.

We, the native peoples, defenders of biological diversity, the rights of nature, the living jungle, demand respect, tolerance and that their own rights be returned. All peace-loving Ecuadorians fight for social justice, economic equity, respect for the law of nature, nature conservation, for fair and transparent laws.

We demand that the Constitution of the Ecuadorian State and the rule of law be respected; Therefore, we request International Organizations, such as the IACHR, Amnesty International, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Catholic Church of the Holy Father Pope Francis to that interposes before the National Government to establish a true dialogue without impositions, of real agendas and in good faith.

Five hundred twenty-five years we have been victims of violence and dispossession and we cannot accept a disguised barbarism, in a Government of hatred and revenge that is repeated daily today.

No to violence and hate.
No to authoritarianism.
No to xenophobic racism
No to legal vandalism.
No to state terrorism.
No to deception and lies.
No to the division of peoples.

Yes to clear and diaphanous justice.
Yes to respect for the State Constitution.
Yes to respect for the rights of nature.
Yes to a healthy, fertile and abundant environment and land.
Yes to respect for the Living Forest.
Yes to life.

Department of Communication of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku



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  1. I am very grateful for your blog article. Thank you very much again. Very thankful.

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