Whereas the West has led civilization to develop scientific knowledge and technological capabilities that have been used to efficiently transform the natural world, solve practical problems, and improve the quality of life for millions of people on the planet; and considering the original wisdom of indigenous peoples, knowledge and technology to live in harmony with the natural world; and also, considering that reckless economic and industrial development has caused unprecedented problems on a planetary scale, for humanity and other living species, and considering that many of these problems require solutions that harmonize Western technique with indigenous ethics, the University State of Worcester, from Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, and El Pueblo Kichwa Originario de Sarayaku, from Pastaza, Ecuador, agree to establish a relationship for the exchange of knowledge for the mutual benefit of both entities. But it is affirmed that the two entities agree to establish a horizontal relationship based on mutual respect, autonomy, and consideration and genuine appreciation of the culture and knowledge of the other entity.

 To encourage and facilitate this relationship and direct contact between, professors, students, appropriate administrative personnel of Worcester State University and members and leaders of the Kichwa People of Sarayaku, in mutually accepted areas, the following general forms of cooperation will be carried out :

 Visits of faculty, students, and appropriate administrative personnel to Sarayaku, and visits of Sarayaku members and leaders to Worcester State University for the purpose of study, teaching, research, and discussions on areas of mutual interest

  • Consultation and training in areas of mutual interest
  • Development of collaborative participatory research projects in areas of mutual interest, carried out by research groups made up of members of Worcester State University and the Kichwa People of Sarayaku.
  • Exchange of information and knowledge including, but not limited to, education, economics, management, health, computing, technologies, resources, ways of life, culture and worldview.
  • Other activities and projects that may emerge in the course of developing the relationship between the Kichwa People of Sarayaku and Worcester State University

The details for the implementation of the activities named above will be developed by mutual agreement in the context of specific projects. This memorandum provides for the creation of subsequent written contracts for each specific project to be carried out in the future.

The two entities entering into this memorandum acknowledge that the financial aspect of each project will be negotiated and agreed upon taking into consideration the availability of funds and other resources.

Each entity will designate a coordinator to supervise and facilitate the implementation of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The duration of this MOU will be five years from the date of signature. If the MOU remains inactive for five consecutive years, it will be considered expired. If the MDE does remain active, the two entities will review the memorandum six months before the expiration date. By common agreement of the entities, the memorandum may be extended in writing for a period to be determined by the entities.

This MOU can be terminated at any time with mutual consent or by one of the entities by means of a written notice nine months before the desired term, with full consideration of the fulfillment of commitments established in specific contracts.

Nothing in this MDE creates an exclusive relationship between the two entities. The two entities will be free to establish agreements and relationships with other universities and other entities, without any accountability to the other entity.

This MOU may be executed on more than one copy of the original and each copy will be considered an original.

Patricia Gualinga Montalvo, Director of External Relations Kichwa People Originally from Sarayaku Pastaza, Ecuador

Barry M. Maloney President Worcester State University 486 Chandler Street Worcester, MA 01602-2597 USA

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