The traditional Kichwa house architecture has been practiced since time immemorial for the construction of houses in the indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon. This construction model is adapted to the adverse climates of nature such as humidity and heat. The materials they use for construction come mainly from the living forest, the Kawsak Sacha. Currently, with the access of tools from abroad, current generations have adapted new housing models but always keeping the traditional base model.

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The architecture of the houses of the First People of Sarayaku is characterized by its circular shape with a dirt floor and varies according to the need or the creativity of the families. Currently, two-story houses, low-story houses and different shapes can be built. The construction process requires a lot of time and physical effort, it is usually a job done by men, although traditionally, with the help of women, “mingas” are carried out, collective activities that speed up and facilitate the work.

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For construction, the main materials used are wood and leaves. The Kichwa house is made up of super resistant tree base pillars or the core of decomposing trees. For its structure, other types of lighter and equally resistant woods are used. The roof is made of small palm leaves that are attached one by one to the structure.

Generally, in more current models, the use of materials varies according to the desired model, boards, planks, cement posts and even cement floors can be used.

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The Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku maintain their traditional housing model despite the clash of other Western cultures. One of the main priorities is to maintain and continue practicing this knowledge that our ancestors inherited from us, which is why the new generations maintain and adapt this knowledge that represents our culture and our vision of modern architecture.
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