On March 17, 2020, the communities settled in the Bobonaza river basin in the province of Pastaza, suffer the flood never seen before, one of the towns that was most affected is Sarayaku. The flood leaves a disaster in almost 30 families, where they have lost their homes, farms, swimming pools, poultry farms and educational centers.

The inhabitants of Sarayaku called together to support each other and be able to fix the damage left by the flood, the relatives showed solidarity with products from the area such as cassava, banana and others, while the leaders organized themselves to ask for support from the competent authorities, but these never arrived. Given that there was no support from the state authorities, we saw the need and urgency to ask for support from our international allies, who immediately supported us.

Another of the damages caused by this flood was the destruction of the main pedestrian bridge of the town, the same one that is already being managed by the leaders of Sarayaku, despite everything that has been experienced, until now we have not had the support of any competent state authority, much less the state itself.

Two years have passed since the flood we suffered, the families who lost everything, little by little are recovering, the families who lost our farms have already returned to farming, but all this has been possible, thanks to the support and unity, because that is what we are, a united people.

But we have to keep something in mind, that we are already feeling and being victims of the effects of climate change. For this is the constant struggle of our people, and that of not allowing extractive companies to enter our territory and this is not the struggle of a single people, it is the struggle of all the indigenous peoples who are in resistance.

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