President Gualinga leading the Sarayaku Assembly.

THE ORIGINAL KICHWA PEOPLE OF SARAYAKU, gathered in their Ordinary General Assembly on November 26, 27 and 28, 2011, after in-depth analysis and debates on the issues contemplated in the life plan and the regulations for the good coexistence of the Sumak Kawsay.

Active members participating in the Town Assembly.



1. To solve the problems of coexistence of the People of Sarayaku, it is necessary to comply and enforce the regulations of coexistence, as well as the statutes of Sarayaku, those who do not comply must be sanctioned.

2. As of this date, the use of the word "Shaman" or "sorcerer" to designate the yachak, wise men and men of science and wisdom of the people, is prohibited, since this word is derogatory and was used in a bad way. intention by the conquerors.

3. Continue to strengthen the Kawsak Sacha (Living Jungle) and Sumak Kawsay (Life in Harmony) life proposal of the Sarayaku People to achieve their legal recognition by the Ecuadorian state and at the international level.

4. Totally reject the eleventh oil round that the Ecuadorian government is implementing for violating the right to nature and life of the communities, peoples and nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon, for being without consultation and unconstitutional.

5. Enforce the right to prior free and informed consultation guaranteed by the current constitution of Ecuador, and international agreements

6. That the annual budget established by the GAD of 18 million dollars, of which 100 thousand dollars corresponds to each Parish Government, does not even represent 1% of this budget for the execution of social works, which we consider, as a policy discriminatory and marginalizing, which shows absolute inequity in the equitable participation of the annual budget.

7. Continue strengthening the unity and alliances between peoples and nationalities in resistance for life to promulgate the political and legal project of the new categorization of the Kawsak Sacha (Living Jungle) proposal.

8. That the Kichwa People of Sarayaku declare that they will maintain their permanent monitoring of incidence for the social vigilance of the process of the Sarayaku Case and its compliance at the time of the ruling.



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