#XVCongressConfeniae elected its new Governing Council for the period 2016-2019

Puyo, September 4, 2016

The new government council of the Confeniae and Amazonian parliament was elected and positioned within the framework of the Fifteenth Congress of the regional Amazon subsidiary of Conaie.

The massive presence of 9 of the 11 Amazonian nationalities, 19 of the 23 federations and affiliated organizations, and more than 500 delegates, provided legitimacy to the call in which the management period of comrade Franco Tulio Viteri Gualinga was completed.

The new governing council is made up of young and experienced leaders, as follows:


CONFENAIE governing council

President: Marlon Vargas (Achuar)
Vice President: Lourdes Jipa (Quijos)
Territories: Tuntiak Katan (Shuar)
Education: Felipe Ushigua (Sapara)
Health: Julissa Awa (Waorani)
Economy: Gonzalo Katan (Shuar)
Woman: Elvia Dahua (Kichwa)
Youth: Tom Sharupi (Shuar)
Communication: Andres Tapia (Kichwa)

Amazon Parliament

Rafael Pandam (Shuar)
Zoila Castillo (Kichwa)
Yanua Vargas (Shuar)



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