By Franco Tulio Viteri Gualinga

Greetings on behalf of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon CONFENIAE. As the XV Congress of our organization takes place this September 3 and 4, we send a message of unity to all the 22 organizations that make it up and a greeting to all the parish councils, municipalities, provincial councils and civil, ecclesiastical, police and public institutions. military calling to contribute to the cultural, economic, environmental, social management according to the constitutional precepts of the plurinational state of Ecuador.

It is essential to translate collective rights and the rights of nature into public policies. To make this effective, we need to fully understand the dimension of the multinational and challenge the forms of exclusionary and patronage management that exist in our institutions, to make a qualitative leap in which all management starts from the life plans of the nationalities.

An exercise of purification and transparency is necessary from our bases, families, communities, provincial, regional, national and international organizations about why we make mistakes that we criticize. Likewise, salute the life management initiatives of the peoples such as the SACRE of the Achuar, RIA of the Shuar FICSH federation and Living Forest of the Kichwa people of Sarayaku.

Salute the institutional management initiatives of the provincial, parish, municipal Gads when they make an effort despite the budget cuts they have suffered, being the Amazon region the most abandoned and destroyed by extractivism, as evidenced by the last eviction in Nankints.

Salute initiatives for the defense of life and the rights of nature that have been manifested in the provinces of Morona, Zamora and Pastaza, such as the SAPAPENTZA project, Pastaza Ordinance Project, which will be more effective as long as the rights of self-determination, exercise of authority and autonomy of the peoples are guaranteed.

A crucial issue is the indigenous presence in the cities that, due to study needs, employment and other factors, have seen the need to recover territories in the provincial capitals, which is why the unrestricted support for the project of a city of nationalities in Pastaza that is being fought by particular and racist interests
The multinational Pachakutik movement needs an urgent evaluation and verification of the management of our popularly elected authorities in the democratic exercise of the entrusted power. The northern Amazon region deserves special attention, where its budgets must be higher because it is necessary to finance the environmental, social, and economic recovery inherited from the brutal exploitation carried out by Chevron and other companies, especially in the Sionas, Secoyas, and Cofanes.

A greeting to all the founders of Confeniae and former presidents of the same who have been forgotten or are absent because many times they are criticized without the slightest expression of solidarity. We invite all colleagues to participate in this important event despite not having an invitation, because this is the congress of the peoples and it is time for us all to unite.

CONAIE, CONFENIAE, is us and our children will continue to be.

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