Union Base Community, September 3 and 4, 2016

In the Base Union Community, headquarters of the CONFENIAE with the participation of 19 Organizations of 9 Nationalities: KICHWA FONAKISE, CTI-KICHWA, FICCKAE SHUAR NASHE, FICSH, FENASH-P, FEPNASH-Z, FEPCESH-S, FEPNASH-O, ACHUAR NAE, Shiwiar NASHIE, SAPARA NASE, QUIJOS NAOQUI, SIONA ONISE, WAORANI NAWE, OWAN, ONWO, CONCONAEP, COFAN NOAIKE, and in the presence of the CONAIE.


The CONFENIAE Congress Resolves:

  • That the new Governing Council of CONFENIAE must work consistently with the historical principles of CONFENIAE to recover the unity of our organization based on our right to free organization.
  • The CONFENIAE council supports with actions and gives all the political support to the compañeros and compañeras who have been persecuted, prosecuted and sentenced by the current regime.
  • The XV Congress of CONFENIAE Recognizes, Validates and certifies the proposal of Kawsay Sacha of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku and resolves to unify all existing initiatives and projects, through a regional discussion table with all nationalities, advocating at a national and international level. enforcing the right to self-determination.
  • The CONFENIAE will be in permanent mobilization in a strategic way in favor of the comrades who have been harmed by the extractivist policies of the national government and we demand that the Ecuadorian government immediately withdraw the public force and the mining and oil companies from the Amazonian territories that are the base of the CONFENIAE.
  • The new government council together with the Pachakutik Plurinational Movement will call an expanded council immediately to specifically discuss the electoral political issue.
  • The XV Congress supports all actions in defense of the rights of indigenous peoples and nationalities carried out with the Governing Council of CONAIE.
  • Declare the ancestral heritage of the indigenous nationalities of the Amazon to the wayusa plant green drink, energized our heroes and symbols of anticolonial resistance.


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