canoe of lifekindy challwa” of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku.

 After an adventure of more than a year, since the idea was born, the tree was selected, the canoe was built, which was transported to the city, faced customs procedures, responded to the demands of the Ministry of Environment and review of the Ecuadorian police, on December 7, the Canoe of Life arrived in Paris-France.

 After the carving of the "Canelo" tree, which was methodically transformed, by the skillful hands of Sarayaku teachers, into a traditional Kichwa canoe, on October 17 a minga was held with more than one hundred people to move the canoe from the place where it was source "Wira Kaspi" to the center of the town of Sarayaku. Later, on a beach in the town, the masters finished the artistic design and the last details.


 On October 27, the canoe of life began its journey down the Bobonaza River piloted by the master builders; Lenin Gualinga, Silvio Gualinga, Alberto Manya, Walter Gualinga, sailed for two days by lever to the port of Latasas, in Canelos, where the highway is located, an hour and a half from the city of Puyo, capital of the province of Pastaza.

 At dawn on October 28, the canoe left for Guayaquil accompanied by his four teachers and other men from Sarayaku, Franco Gualinga Tapuy, Gerardo Gualinga. The farewell message from these men to the canoe was; You leave, your final destination will be a country that I do not know but our life work will be marked forever, representing that in the Jungle we live peoples in harmony with nature, our children will be in charge of knowing our effort one day.


 The Canoe of Life, passing through Amsterdam, reaching the cold waters of the "Bassin de la Vilette" in Paris. This Tuesday, December 8, a welcome ceremony will be held for the KINDY CHALLWA (Hummingbird Fish) canoe, at 8:30 in the morning, with the presence of the press and representatives of different indigenous peoples of the world. At noon it will move to Bourget, in the COP21 Generation Climat space. Kindy Challwa will be officially received at the Pavilion of the Indigenous Peoples with a ritual act to Kawsay Sacha – Living Forest as a symbol of life and peace between the peoples and the beings of nature.

 Come share with us the joy of Kindy Challwa, a canoe of life that, thanks to the enormous human effort of all and the solidarity of strategic allies, reached its destination to share the message of life for humanity.

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