In the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku was inaugurated last Sunday, March 10, 2013, the School of Specialization in Amazon Resources where women and men who have been delegates from the communities of the Bobonaza Basin Kichwa Circumscription (CITAKIB): Boberas, Pakayaku and Sarayaku will prepare.

The presidents and leaders of grassroots organizations were invited to the meeting. The presence of well-known indigenous leaders such as the compañeras Delfa Malaver, President of Boberas, and Zenaida Yasacama, President of Pakayaku, stood out.JOSE INAGURANDO

After the words of welcome by Jose Gualinga, Tayak Apu of Sarayaku aimed at making visible the alternative responses of indigenous peoples and nationalities as a pioneering experience, Franco Viteri, President of CONFENIAE He expressed to the young students that they will be the ones who will have the responsibility of leading territorial management in their communities.FRANCO INAGURANDO

Johnny Dahua, Kuraka of CITAKIB emphasized the political-leadership endorsement on behalf of the Basin given the relevance that these initiatives imply, committing to support the performance of the programmed activities at all times.

There are three specialty areas that students will study: 1. leadership and planning, formulation, execution, follow-up, monitoring and evaluation of projects; 2. monitoring of the territory and management of the Amazonian biodiversity and 3. management and production of the Amazonian ichthyofauna.

The start of classes started normally and the attendees had great expectations in view of the challenge that this implies.

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